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Alex Dalton - Guitarist in The Pylons

Who are continuing to tour on the british festival circuits

“Thanks for keeping me interested in playing the guitar."


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Improve your guitar playing skills.  Call Kirk on 01427 788 207
or call or text on 07969 308 975

Kirk Stephenson

Kirk loves to perform in the local area and composes a lot of his own music. Traditional and unusual meters accompanied by strong, lyrical melodies and haunting, other worldly harmonies weave together to create his enchanting compositions.

Jezabel and the Bomb

Kirk performs in the local area with Jezabel and the Bomb.  

A Four Piece ROCK/POP Band that will make your mouth water and eyes light up!!

Jezebel & The Bomb are all dressed up, waiting for you!"We've got a strong lead, some good harmonies. It's just good old fashioned pub rock really! Some old, some new, all covers, nothing posh but it's fun"( Kirk Guitar)

"We go out on a gig night with the view to have fun, entertain, have a few drinks and play music with our friends and fellow musicians. We generally tick all the box's and go home smiling as do the audience!" (Perry Drums)

Booking Agent

Perry Mobbs 07931308520

Jezebel & The Bomb's studio recording titled, Deaf & Dangerous.

  1. Can't Stop
  2. Wheels
  3. Sanctuary
  4. She's Not There
  5. Riverboat Song
  6. Alive

Click on tracks above to listen

Students Gallery

Images of some of my students.

Ciaran Dooley and his band